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Vapour One VPRO

Package Includes:
2 Complete Ecigar Sets
1 Carry case
5 Reusable cartridges
1 Usb charger
1 Wall & Plug charger
1 Clearomizer

Vapour One VPRO

Vapour One VMaxx

Vapour One V-Maxx

Package Includes:
2 Battery 1100mah
2 Atomizer
1 USB charger
1 Wall charger
1 Carry pouch
1 Bottle Refill Liquid
1 Empty needle bottle
1 Car Charger

Refill Liquid Flavors

Tobaco*, Menthol*, Strawberry, Apple, Cherry*, Vanilla*, Doublemint*, Coffee*, Capuccino*, Dhill, Redcow*, Cotton Candy, Rose, Clove, ButterScotch, Cinnamon Bread, Melon, Juicy Peach*, kiwi, Cola, Bubble Gum, Usa Mix

(*) Stock all the time

Vapour One

Not sold to minors